• Pinchplasty Labiaplasty Forceps
  • Pinchplasty Labiaplasty Forceps

Pinchplasty Labiaplasty Forceps

The most delicate forceps for the labiaplasty and clitoral hood reduction procedure. Reproducible results. Every single time.

Hand-crafted in the U.K., our PinchPlasty forceps are comprised of the highest grade surgical stainless steel. The mechanism is a cross-action vascular forceps. The grasping tines utilize an interlocking DeBakey surface for complete hemostasis without damaging the delicate labia minora and clitoral hood tissues. Because of the low pressure clamping action, the forceps can be applied to the awake patient to allow precise planning for tissue excision prior to the infiltration of local anesthesia.

  • $325.00